Wifi Networks

With the internet now relied upon by every business, Wi-Fi networks which have no physical wired connection between sender and receiver is the simplest way to get a business and its employees connected. However some companies who have fast fibre internet connections rely on basic Wireless Access Points, which only provide consumer level Wi-Fi connectivity and security. 

Who needs a Wi-Fi solution? 

All types of companies can benefit from a business-grade Wi-Fi solution, from enterprise level through to small and medium businesses (SME). It is a solution which almost every sector and industry can benefit from within their organisation, whether they are simply looking for Wi-Fi for their employees to connect to or for Public Wi-Fi connectivity which they can offer to their customers. Below are examples of how business-grade Wi-Fi can benefit different types of business environments. 


With manufacturing businesses often have different offices and workspaces that are spread over either the same location or different sites, a strong Wi-Fi signal can make a huge difference to the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently. For example, Wi-Fi will enable workers to use internet enabled devices when they are in the warehouse which could be used for a range of activity from confirming Proof of Delivery (POD) to tracking and logging stock in the warehouse. 


A Wi-Fi management portal provides your organisation with the ability to assign access levels to your Wi-Fi network for different devices or employees. For example, you may want to restrict access to social media or video sites across your company but leave it open to departments such as marketing need it for their role. Guest portals will ensure the visitors to your business can still get online but are not able to access the organisations full network, which could leave your business open to hacking or cyber-crime. 

Hotel or Restaurant 

Guests now expect to be able to connect to Wi-Fi during their hotel stay as a basic amenity. Relying on basic Wi-Fi connections means guests will struggle to logon at the same time. If you’re providing Wi-Fi to guests but are unable to restrict access you run the risk of having your bandwidth used up by power-hungry users streaming movies or downloading software updates. A business-grade Wi-Fi solution will enable you to collect data on your customers and re-market to them based on their habits, for example offering a guest that always visits on a certain day as an incentive to visit on an alternative day. 

Stadium or conference 

It’s possible to get high quality, fast Wi-Fi for all environments, whether it’s inside or outside. Stadiums and other large conference venues are notorious for offering visitors poor internet connectivity, with networks unable to offer sufficient capacity to cope with a large, concentrated volume of users in one place. For a stadium or conference facility there are a range of benefits to investing in Wi-Fi, which includes offering real-time promotions such as discounts on concessions or merchandise, customer acquisition and social media engagement. 

Our cloud-based network management software keeping your Wi-Fi network running smoothly is simple. With our broad experience and deep expertise in a wide variety of industries, we are the partner you can count on to transform your Wi-Fi network to meet the demands that come with the exploding use of mobile devices. 

Our cloud-based management software will provide your business with greater security and insight into your network and its users, offering a reliable and high-performance product compared to competitors.